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Direct Indirect sentences

Change direct sentences into indirect sentences

1.      Deni said,”I will give you a book tomorrow.”
      Deni said that he would give me a book tomorrow.

2.      She said,“I work in a restaurant.”
      She said that she worked in a restaurant.

3.      They said, “We are going to go to Jogjakarta.”
      They said that they were going to go to Jogjakarta.

4.      William said, “I am happy.”
       William said that he was happy.

5.      I said,”Johnny has been waiting for you for two hours.”
      I said that Johnny had been waiting for you for two hours.

6.      He said, “I want to watch a film.”
He said that he wanted to watch a film.

7.      Maria said, “Jane is sleeping.”
Maria said that Jane was sleeping.

8.      Sule said, “ I have bought a new dress.”
Sule said that he had bought a new dress.

9.      Alex said, “ I finished my homework.”
Alex said that he had finished his homework.

10.  Fahri said, “ I can carry 50 kg.”
Fahri said that he could carry 50 kg.

11.  ‘What do you want?’ she asked him.
      She asked him what he wanted.

12.  ‘Are you coming with us?’ he asked me.
      He asked me if I was coming/going with them.

13.  He asked, ‘When do you intend to make the payment?’
      He enquired when I/he/she intended to make the payment.

14.  ‘Do you come from China?’ said the prince to the girl.
      The prince asked the girl if she came from China.

15.  The poor man exclaimed, ‘Will none of you help me?’
      The poor man exclaimed whether none of them would help him.

16. David said, “I am writing a letter now”.
       David said that he was writing a letter then.

17. Johnsi said, “I write a letter”.
      Johnsi said that she wrote a letter.

18. Angel said, “I brought a pen yesterday”.
    Angel said that she had bought a pen the day before.

19.John said, “I am going to church”.
     John said that he was going to church.

20. Nelson said, “I was playing cricket”.
      Nelson said that he had been playing cricket

21. Kamal said, “I have done my home work”.
      Kamal said that he had done his home work.

22. He said, “I have been reading a novel”.
     He said that he had been reading a novel.

23. He said, “I will go to London tomorrow”
     He said that he would go to London the next day

24. He said, “John will be in London on Tuesday.”.
     He said that John would be in London on Tuesday.

25. “I never eat meat”, he explained.
       He explained that he never ate meat.

26. He said, “I wish I knew.”.
     He said that He wished he knew.

27. She says, “I shall be there.”.
      She said that she will be there.

28. He said, “She is coming this week.”.
      He said that she was coming that week.

29. He said, “I bought this pearl for my mother.”.
      He said that he had bought that pearl for his mother.

30. He said, “Where is she going?”.
      He asked where she was going.

31. He said, “Lucy, when is the next bus?”.
       He asked Lucy when the next bus was.

32. ”Is anyone there?” she asked.
      She asked if anyone was there.

33. The mother said, “Lie down, David.”.
     The mother asked David to lie down.

34. He said, “Don’t move, boys.”
      He asked the boys not to move.

35. He said, “Please say nothing about this.”.
      He asked her to say nothing about that.

36. I say, "I want to sleep"
      I say that I want to sleep

37. He say, "I like sweets"
      He says that he likes sweets

38. She said, “ I am reading a whodunit now”
      She said she was reading a whodunit then.

39. He said,” I killed an ant”
      He said he had killed an ant.

40. We said ,” They have done their job”
      We said they had done their job

41. She said,” We were all laughing uncontrollably”
      She said they had been all laughing uncontrollably.

42. He said,” I can do it”
      He said he could do it.

43. She said to me,” You may need help”
       She told me I might need help.

44. He said ,” She will do this task quickly”
      He said she would do that task quickly.

45. He said, “I work in a factory”                          
      He said that he worked in a factory.              
46. They said, “we are going to cinema”              
       They said that they were going to cinema.    

47. He said, “I am happy”
       He said that he was happy.
48. I said to him, “you are intelligent”
      I said him that he was intelligent.

49. He says, "I am not coming."
      He says that he is not coming.

50. She will say, "I don’t want to come."
      She will say that she does not want to come.

Change indirect sentences into direct sentences
1.      I told him that I could fix this computer immediately.
      I told him,”I can fix this computer immediately.”

2.      He said that he was delighted.
      He said,” I was delighted.”

3.      Boni said that Ani was his best friend.
      Boni said,”Ani is my best friend.

4.      Angga said that the weather was nice in Bandung.
Angga said,”The weather is nice in Bandung.”

5.      Marry told us that she had to go.
      Marry told us,”I have to go.”

6.      Ben said that it might rain.
Ben said, “ It may rain.”

7.      He said that everybody had to obey the rules.
He said, “ Everybody must obey the rules. “

8.      She said that she had to go home.
She said, “ I have to go home.”

9.      He said that he is going to school everyday.
He said, “ I am going to school everyday. “

10.  Feni said that she went to school everyday.
Feni said, I go to school everyday.

11.  The little girl asked which way she should go.
‘Which way should I go?’ asked the little girl.

12.  Alladin asked the magician what he had done to deserve so severe a punishment.
Alladin said to the magician, ‘What have I done to deserve so severe a punishment?’

13.  I asked her whether she did not know the way home.
‘Don’t you know the way home?’ I said to her.

14.  The teacher asked the student if he/she wrote a good hand.
‘Do you write a good hand?’ the teacher said to the student.

15.  The judge finally asked whether he/she had anything to say on behalf of the accused.
‘Have you anything to say on behalf of the accused?’ said the judge finally.

16. He enquired whether his name was Ahmed.
      He said to him, “Is not your name Ahmed?"

17.  As the stranger entered the town, he was met by a police man who asked him if he was a traveler.        He answered carelessly that it would appear so.
       As the stranger entered the town, he was met by a police, man who asked, “Are you a traveler?"         “So it would appear", He replied carelessly.

18. She asked how she, a girl, who can not ride or use sword or lance, be of any help. Rather, she               would stay at home and spin beside her dear mother.
      She said, “How can I, a girl, who can not ride or use sword or lance, be of any help? Rather                 would I stay at home and spin beside my dear mother?"

19. Clinton asked John to go with him.
      Clinton said to John, “Come with me."

20. The stranger asked Alice where he lived.
      The stranger said to Alice, ‘where do you live?’

21. An old mouse asked who would bell the cat.
      An old mouse said, “Who will bell the cat?"

22. Ram said to his mother that he would be late that night.
      Ram said to his mother, “I will be late today night."

23. I told my mother that I wanted coffee then.
      I said to my mother, “I want coffee now”.

24. Yobu told Lazar that he was lying.
      Yobu said to Lazar, “You are lying”.

25. I asked my sister what she was doing then.
      I said my sister, “What are you doing now?”.

26. The teacher asked the boy why he was late.
      The teacher said to the boy, “Why are you late?”.

27. Johncy asked Rosy if she had done the problem the day before.
      Johncy said to Rosy, “Did you do the problem yesterday?”.

28. She requested me to lend her my Atlas.
      She asked to me, “Please lend me your Atlas”.

29. The conductor told the man to give the old lady his seat.
      The conductor said to the man, “Give the old lady your seat”.

30. He exclaimed that it was a very strange idea.
      He said, “What a strange idea!”.

31. She exclaimed that the house was very lovely.
      She said, “How lovely the house is!”.

32. The Policemen asked us where we were going.
      The Policeman said to us, "where are you going?"

33. His angry mother jeered and asked whether he supposed that he knew better than his father.
      His angry mother jeered, “Do you suppose you know better than your father?" 

34. Raja ordered John to go away
      Raja said to John,"Go away !"

35. He requested Mary to wait there till he returned
      He said to Mary, "Please wait here till I return"

36. The Judge commanded them to call the first witness
      "Call the first witness", said the Judge

37. He shouted to them to let him go
      He shouted, "Let me go!"

38. He urged them to be quite and listen to his words. 
      He said, “Be quite and listen to my words".

39. He exclaimed sadly that he was undone.
      He said, “Alas! I am undone". 

40. Alice exclaimed that he was very clever. 
      Alice said, “How clever I am?" 

41. He applauded him, saying that he had done well. 
      He said, “Bravo! You have done well." 

42. He called upon Heaven to witness his resolve never to steal
      “So help me, Heaven!" he cried, “I will never steal again".

43. He said that he was glad to be there that evening.
      He said, “I am glad to be here this evening." 

44. He said that he was there the day before. 
      He said, “I was here yesterday." 

45. He says that his mother is writing letter. 
      He says, “ my mother is writing letter." 

46. He says that he is unwell.
      He says, “I am unwell." 

47. He says that he has passed the examination
      He says, “I have passed the examination." 

48.  He says that his dog died in the night. 
       He says, “My dog died in the night." 

49. Clinton said that he was very busy then. 
      Clinton said, “I am very busy now." 

50. He said the library was closed
      "The Library is closed", He said

Selasa, 19 Januari 2016

My Last Holiday

My last holiday was amazing because I went to Bangka Island, Bangka Island is my father Homeland and now my first big brother is at Bangka Island because his job is a Policeman at one of the biggest city in the Island.
So, I came to Bangka Island with my family at 15th December when SMAN 3 have a Camping Program, I have to Skip that program because my first big brother was Graduated from his university and then at 17th December my second brother and I went to Bandung because I have a little problem with my grade, and also I have to take my study report, and I get “RMP” at 5 subjects I think (I probably forgot) and I have fear to short semester but thank god, when I take my study report it’s confirmed that I don’t got short semester, so I called my dad (the rest family is still at Bangka Island) that I’m not getting any short semester, and he offer me to go again to Bangka Island but ON YOUR OWN because my second brother was busy with his Task or something. But, I took the chance to go to Bangka Island on my own, so, I get a little experience and not scared to go alone.
I went to Bangka Island (Again) at 24th December, I went to Jakarta first, taking a “PRIMAJASA” travel that my family have faith to, the plane takeoff at 4 P.M., so I take the travel that went at 10 A.M., but the time has not predicted that I’m at Soekarno-Hatta Airport at 1.30 P.M. so, I have to wait 2 hours at the waiting room. My parents calls me like every 5 minutes and ask the same question “are you okay?” so I tell them to relax because I got this. Finally the plane was boarding and I go to the plane and sit at the middle of the plane, I like it because I get an awesome views.
I arrived at Bangka Island and my first brother take me from the airport to his new house, but when I got to home, my parents are not there, I ask my brother and he said “mom and dad went to Mentok” (Bangka Island has many Cities but My main cities for my family is Pangkal Pinang (my brother place to work) and Mentok (my father homeland)) and the next day my brother and I went to Mentok, it tooks 3 hours though, when we arrived, my parents just asking around about yesterday when I’m go to here and we go too our Cousins home and we helped our cousins because 2 days to go they gonna held a “Hajatan” (I don’t know what the English of hajatan), we helped them, the “hajatan” was held and our business at Mentok was Done.
At afternoon after the “hajatan” was held, my brother and I went first to Pangkalpinang because tomorrow he must work and I have to wake him up, so I go with him, and my parents went at the next day. So, I got home, I’m very tired and go to sleep meanwhile my brother still watch football. The next day, my brother went to work and I'm alone in the house, because My brother has a PlayStation 3, I played it all day until I'm sick too looking to much at the TV, usually I go to outside to get fresh air, time went fast, my parents are arrived at home, and take me to dinner at outside, so I'm Join.

Sabtu, 28 November 2015

Script Text

Majid's Saturday Night
"regina's spicy family'

scene 1
regina: "wait...wait, add this to make it tastes better."
(pouring some chillis)
regina: "give it a try, this is jalapeno."
regina: "the spiciest chili in South America."

scene 2
majid: "i just knew that Regina, my new girl, loves eating chillies."
majid: "i can handle spicy food. if i swallow it directly. the thing is Regina has an Olympic grade taste buds when we eat together, she will add chillies at all kinds of food. ALL KINDS."

scene 3
majid: "taste good, right?"
regina: "it will taste even better if you add chillies."
majid: "but it's ice..cream.."
(pour sauce on ice cream)

scene 4
majid: "Even though Regina like spicy and i dont. But all those differences make things beautiful between us, i think..."

scene 5
Majid: "Bro, which one is the good side and which one is the bad side?"
Tiara: "Dude! this is a football match."
Majid: "Where were you, sela?"
Sela: "I was with Maemunah, Mas. We will sell a thing that will sell a lot like fried peanuts."
Tiara&Majid: "What's that?"
Sela: "Fried peanuts. This is different from regular fried peanuts. it's spicy and has levels."
Majid: "i dont like spicy."
(text message ringtone)
Majid: "Aduh, this Saturday night I am invited to have dinner in Regina's house with her father."
Tiara: "Bro, are you complaining or showing it off?"
Majid: "You've got to know that Regina's father enjoys spicy food more than her daughter. They are family of chili!"
Tiara: "Family of chili?"
(dancing with chili costume)
Majid: "When her father finds out that i hate spicy food, it means that i can't see Regina ever again."
Tiara: "How much do you like Regina?"
Majid: "i like her so much."
Tiara: "Okay, you have three days and i'll train you so you can eat spicy food in front of her."
Majid: "Do you know how to train people?"

Scene 6
Tiara: "My long time dream since i was a boy is to be a fashion designer, her stylist, flight attendant, and the last one to become a coach."
Tiara: "Coaching is an easy job for me, lesson one: you have to start the training as early as possible

Scene 7
Sela: "Do you have Brazilian tomatoes?"
Dewi: "Yes"
Dewi: "Where is the owner of the house? Are they still sleeping?"
(Majid's screaming)
Sela: "That's his voice. He just woke up."
(training is started)
Majid: "Bro, one second. I think you should turn off the music."
Tiara: "You're right."

Namira: "Hi dear, I heard Majid is having a crush on a girl who likes spicy very much. Is that true?"
Sela: "yeah, it is. but unfortunately majid cant stand any spicy food"
Namira: "Well, please give him this mouthwash."
Sela: "what? mouthwash you said?"

Scene 8
Majid: "It's Friday and i think that i have some progress. Now i can eat The bird's eye chili. The stem actually."
(eating peanuts)
Majid: "What the heck is this? it's spicy and then salty but sour too. What is this?"
Sela: "it is supposed to be salty, sour, spicy, ..but not sweet."
Majid: "Why is there no sweet flavour?"
Sela: "Because the only sweet thing is you."
Sela: "This will be sold to those who are still in the process of approaching the girl."
Majid: "Do you wanna try some?"
Tiara: "Nah i dont like spicy either."
Majid: "Why did you train me then if you hate spicy too?"
Sela: "Neither do i"
Tiara: "You sell those peanuts but you hate spicy things? How do you taste the peanuts?
Sela: "I use Dewi's mouthwash."
Tiara: "You said mouthwash?"
Sela: "Yes, by using the mouthwash, you'll be able to handle any kind of spicy food. No matter what."
Majid: "Really?"

Scene 9
Naafi: "So...you are close to my daughter?"
Majid: "Yes, I am sir."
Naafi: "Do you like spicy food?"
Majid: "Yes i am trying, sir."
Naafi: "Try it!"
Naafi: "Be careful, i made the chili myself and it is famously known for its spiciness."
(continue eating)

Scene 10
Tiara: "I hope Majid can control himself."
Sela: "Control himself?"
Tiara: "Since he has used the mouthwash, he wants to show it off to regina. I'm afraid that he will continue eating chilies just to impress Regina's father."
Sela: "Don't say that, mas Majid is not that type of person."

Scene 11
(eating vigorously)
Majid: "I have finished eating the chili, sir."
Tiara: "Sela, what happened?"
Sela: "I ate too much spicy food this afternoon. I admit it was really helpful after using the mouthwash, your tongue went numb. However the stomach didnt go numb. Luckily, i just ate a little so it doesn't hurt that bad. I cant imagine if i
ate it a lot."

Scene 12
Naafi: "Majid.. listen up..my job has a lot of challenges."
(phone ringing)
Majid: "One moment sir. Hey what's up dude?"
Tiara: "Dont eat too much chilies. Sela has an awful stomachache. It will be bad for you if you had one there."
Majid: "Really? i dont feel.. (stomach growling) too late dude!"
Majid: "Regina, where's the restroom?"
Regina: "Just go straight and the door on your right"
Majid: "Excuse me sir"

Scene 13
Tiara: "Hallo?"
(Majid is screaming)
Majid: "Bro, it is an emergency man!"
Tiara: "What's up? Diarrhea?"
Majid: "Here it's like a volcano is erupting, man! Dude help me! Get me to the ER! GET ME TO THE ER!"
Tiara: "Sela! Sela!"
Sela: "Yes?"
Tiara: "Majid's got a terrible diarrhea. You must be responsible! Take my car keys and bring your medicine."

Scene 14
Regina: "Why do you like so pale?"
Majid: "I'm fine."
Regina: "Are you okay?"
Majid: "I'm okay."
Regina: "Really?"
Naafi: "Why are you sweating a lot?"
Majid: "I'm okay sir."
Naafi: "Okay then, where were we? So i work in a pharmacy. I'm in... What's with the face? Why do you look angry?"
Majid: "I'm not angry sir."
Naafi: "So?"

Scene 15
(Sela's got hiccup)
Tiara: "Why are you hiccuping?"
Sela: "I don't know either."
Tiara: "Hold your breath."
(Sela's fainting)
Tiara: "Hey! Not too long!"
(Still hiccuping)
Naafi: "How long have you known Majid? I think Majid is still upset with me."
Regina: "Perhaps he once had some issues with pharmaceutical people."
Naafi: "Ooh, So that's the problem. Actually, i think i'm starting to like Majid. He seems nice."

Scene 16
Tiara: "Good evening, sir!
Naafi: "Evening!"
Tiara: "can we see Majid, sir?"
Naafi: "Yes you can. Are you his friend?"
Tiara: "Yes sir and we have to pick him up."
(Sela is hiccuping again)
Sela: "Hello, Mr. Tedjo."
Tiara: "Sir, you know sela?"
Naafi: "Yes of course. Pharmacy where i work for is selling mouthwash to you and... Who's that girlfriend of yours?l
Sela: "Namira, sir."
Naafi: "Namira!"
Sela: "She is not my girlfriend sir. She still can't forget her ex."
Naafi: "Why are telling me this?"
Sela: "One thing sir, why after i used the mouthwash, i get hiccups?"
Naafi: "Oh! That's the side of effect to the mouthwash, so if you cant eat spicy food, don't depend on medication to help you. You can't call yourself a man if you can't eat spicy food."
Majid: Sir, i think i have to go home."
Naafi: "Oh Okay, please visit us so we can eat together again some othertime."
(Majid starts hiccuping) (Sela starts hiccuping again).
Majid: "Why are we...."
(Naafi starts hiccuping)

•••THE END•••

Selasa, 17 November 2015

Where To Visit My City : Braga Street & Downtown Square

               Hello Majiders, how are you guys ? it's been a long time that i'm writing on this blog, sorry for that because I have to do my homework.

               So today, I'm gonna tell you about my trip to Braga Street & Downtown Square.

               This story starts when my friends and I went to Braga Street after National Exam finished, and we go there aimming for refreshing.
My Friends and I walking to the Place
Braga Street Statue
Taking Photos

               After taking so many photos at Braga Street, we move on to Downtown Square, but if we go to Downtown Square we will walk over the Museum Asia Afrika, then on of my friend had a good idea to take a rest at that place, so we did it, and taking some pictures again.

                  Finally, all of us hungry, and we went to Ramen Resto near that museum, and again we take some photos, I think we're gonna be girls now...

                  YES ! Our stamina is full again, we're gonna go to the one and only Downtown Square Bandung, but before that, we have pray at The Grand Mosque Bandung, the mosque is so big and very comfortable, and make us khusyu at praying to the Great One.

                  After that we went to the rooftop to see the view of bandung at the top of the The Grand Mosque Bandung, Photos...


                    Finally we play at the Downtown Square in front of The Grand Mosque Bandung, we had so much fun in just 6 hours, it's the trip that I will not forget, because in the future I'm not sure that I can play like this anymore. Why I say like that ? Because the learning system in Indonesia became very tight, like more homework, very often exam and anymore and that make me sick to school, but at least I have to try it before give up, of course the motivation from family is Important. Anyway, this is the last Photos section, Enjoy..

Senin, 31 Agustus 2015

My School Life

                Hey Majiders! how are you guys? its me, your favourite Majid!

                Today i'm gonna tell you guys about my school life at SMAN 3 Bandung.

                its been a long time guys since i graduated from Junior Highschool, SMPN 7 Bandung, this is the school that gave me a very useful lesson, such as keeping the environment well , courtesy and politeness on teachers and other characters and I have many best memories in this school with my friends. Anyway, my grades from 7th - 9th Grade is unstable, this situation makes me very insecure about Final Exam. But, with the motivation from my friends especially my girlfriend, my parents, my tutor, my teachers and also my family, I'm very confident with this Final Exam, And YES I DID IT. My score was 37,75. And finally i was accepted at SMAN 3 Bandung.

                 Now, I'm here with 359 other student compete each other for the invitation from the universities. but, to get the invitation you must have good grades, and i'm sure you'll get what you want. In SMAN 3 Bandung, the homeworks and tasks is so random and sometimes it's so annoying, because you can't play or having quality time with your family, but it's worth it, so the best way to dealing homework is done as soon as possible, because after it you can be a 'free man', you can play videogames, watch television or do the other homework, it's your choice.

                  This school is so amazing, because you are trained to get used to a lot of homeworks, school event, even teacher problems, and this school taught me to manage my time, like time for study, time to play, time to rest. but, honestly, i don't do well with managing my time. In this school you have two choices, you can be the "butil" guy or you can be the "famous" guy, how to be the "butil" guy is simple, you just have to study and study, regardless with your social life, but, how to be the "famous" guy, you have to join organization such as OSIS, PK, or the other organization that make you confident, but if you choose this type of guy, you're grades is average low. but if you gonna choose both, you must manage your time very well, because i'm not doing well with my managing time, i choose the "famous" guy because i don't like subjects like math and sciencs, except, chemistry. So, let see if i gonna famous or not in SMAN 3 Bandung

                    In this school, i have a hanging group, the members are 24 student from mix X class, the members is so unique, there is the beat box man, the hitman, the handsome guy, and many more. So, this group is very solid at each other, we have to play PS4 together, visiting friends home together, because we have transport like me, i used motorcycle to school, the distance between school and home is around 15 KM, so if i'm go to school and go home in total everyday i'm move 30 KM EVERYDAY.

                    So that's it guys, i hope you like it ^_^...

Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

Describe Someone

                 Hello Majiders, I have a mini game for you guys, the rules are simple, I'm gonna describe someone and you've to guest who is it.

                 So, First one, he is a famous football player, he plays with Real Madrid, His positition is left winger, He's got a brother and two sisters, he's 186 cm tall, he comes from portugal, he's got brown hair and brown eyes, his birthday is 5th February.

                 Second, she is a famous American singer, her birthday is on 28th March, her parents are Italian, She's pretty, she's got a straight black hair, brown eyes and a long nose, her favourite colour is purple, her popular single is "Applause".

                 So that's it guys, hope you can answer correctly, anyway, you can answer at the comments below, I'm Majid and see ya..

Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

About My Friends

       Hello Majiders ! I have a lot of friends in SMAN 3 Bandung, but i'm gonna tell you some of my closest friends.
       First, I have two besties, their names are Daffa Atalla Putra and Sahabat Adikusuma, we're besties since the first day of the school, i met atalla and adi from 'LINE', and they're so funny and very solid.

       Second, I have female friends, Their names are Adisya Salsabila, Felita Almira, Ghina Almira, Rania and Regina, i think they're the kindest, beautiful, charming females in the class. I can't tell much about them because we're still new in the class, so you can see my friends in the picture, but you can also come to my classroom at X IPA 8, SMAN 3 Bandung. i'll wait you guys at my classroom....